Care Companions

Every patient going into the hospital deserves a little extra special attention and pampering. After all, under the best of circumstances, a hospital stay is challenging. A patient’s emotional well-being plays an integral role in his or her physical recovery and having someone to talk with when confined to the hospital (or in-home convalescence) can be very beneficial. 

For those times when family or friends can’t be there, whether because of distance or other obligations, Care Well can provide trained, ‘care companions’ to visit the patient in the hospital or at home. Our care companions have completed a propriety training course that prepares them to visit with patients in the hospital, at home, or in another care facility.

The length of each visit and the scope of activities will depend upon the patients and/or the caregiver's instructions. The companion can simply be there to hold a hand and listen. Or they can take the patient for a walk, and do activities that will make a change to their daily routine etc. 

Care Well’s care companions are available for in-home visits to assist with post-hospital recovery, as well as long-term care patients and the elderly who would benefit from having someone to interact with. 

They will also accompany a patient to and from the hospital, doctor’s office, physical therapy, etc., as well as with running errands or just getting out of the house. Companions are not allowed to use their personal cars but can ride along in a taxi, bus, shuttle or train. 
For additional information or to schedule a visit, please contact us at or call us at: 972 (0)58-574-7880/ 202-621-0375 (U.S)
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