Do you or a family member require assistance  – parents, postpartum relatives, elderly relatives?


CareWell can help. We take care of your family, making sure that they are looked after properly and that you get peace of mind. We’re here when you can’t be.

We offer one-on-one assistance for a range of services, including:

•             Accompanying you or your relative to doctor/hospital appointments

•             Going for walks and/or doing errands together

•             Keeping you or your relative company

•             Grocery shopping

•             Physical therapy

•             Massages

•             Cosmetic treatments: Mani-pedi, blow-dry etc


But that’s not all. Want to surprise your daughter on her birthday? Does your relative need extra care? Is your son having a rough week? We provide an array of gifts designed to pamper and support your family: Towels, blankets, bathrobes, games, shabbat travel packages and much more.


Any age, any stage – We’ve got you and your family covered. Every client gets a home visit from the CareWell team to assess their immediate and long-term needs, exploring all the possible options. We will build a personalized plan designed to ensure that every aspect of day-to-day care is covered. You can feel confident that your relative is in good hands.

What does your relative need? Let us know! We’re here for you. Whatever it is - we’ll do our best to take care of it. Our team of trained professionals is ready to take care of you or your family.


Be in touch:


tel: +972 54 474 7280