What we do


When a friend or a loved one is sick, we want to DO something; we want to help, to show them we care. We send flowers or bring chocolates. Unfortunately, these well-intentioned gestures can be more hindrance than help. Despite what we see on television, flowers are usually not allowed in hospital rooms and chocolate is often a no-no for many patients.

The good news is that there are many things that you can do, or give, that will not only show you care but also bring comfort and ease to the patient, and, just as importantly, to their families and caregivers.

​Based on years of experience working with patients in hospitals, Care Well understands that a patient's fear, loneliness and sense of powerlessness can be a major obstacle to healing. And, for the patient's care-givers, the stress and demand on their time can be overwhelming.

To address these issues, Care Well developed its unique care companion service, to comfort patients and provide much needed respite to care-givers.

The folks behind Care Well understand the challenges during and after a hospital stay. Our service is designed to accompany the patient throughout their recovery process. 

Child In Hospital Bed
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