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Our Mission 


Providing caring and comforting services is at the heart of Care Well’s mission and purpose. 

Having a family member or friend in the hospital is a difficult time for all involved. The patient has to deal with his or her illness or injury, as well as the disorientation of being in the hospital. 


Family and friends find themselves consumed by concern for the patient’s well-being and their immediate desire and need to be helpful and supportive. They want to give as much time as possible to family member or friend in the hospital, but it's not possible to be there all the time.

Care Well strives to be a trusted source of companionship for people who are battling and/or recovering from an illness or injury, or facing a long-term care situation. Our carefully, screened, trained and insured care companions help to alleviate stress, actively engage and brighten the lives of our clients, as well as their family and friends.


In addition to our care companion services, our website, social media and blogs are intended to provide useful information to anyone engaged in the treatment-recovery journey, regardless of whether they are the patient, family member or friend. 


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