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Founder's Message


Having worked in hospitals and care facilities for over twenty years and seeing the challenges and uncertainties that patients and their families face on a daily basis, I decided to do something that would help alleviate some of the stress and bring awareness both in a health crisis and in general daily living that can make a difference.

Clients and their loved ones have often expressed feeling overwhelmed by the change of surroundings and sense of isolation. Family members find themselves torn between the desire to spend as much time as possible with their loved ones and also meet other obligations.

Care Well is intended to meet the needs of both the client and his or her caregiver. Our services aim to ensure that anyone in need of helpful services will know where to turn, be it, have a massage, or physical therapy to hair and beauty services, to someone to chat with, take a stroll, or just help them through their day, also for Family members and other caregivers that can rely on our services to give them a respite so they can take care of other responsibilities or just get some downtime.

I hope that the Care Well team will make a difference to you and your loved ones.

Be well,

Rochelle Wreschner

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