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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I post a question or comment, how do I know my personal information is secure?

A:  Our system is fully secured and there is no requirement to provide personal information before posting a question or comment. 

Q: Some valuable information has been given on healthy snacks for cancer patients, I was told by my doctor that I should not eat citrus fruits, and it is suggested to have fruit shakes. Is that correct?

A: You should speak with your doctor regarding your specific needs. In general, there are some cancers for which it is recommended that a patient refrain from eating citrus fruits such as grapefruits. Check with your physician to see if this applies to your situation. 

Q: As a parent of a child going into the hospital, I don’t know how to prepare my other children. It is a relatively minor surgery but they are still scared.

A: This is a very valid concern. Let your other children be involved by offering to help their sibling to pack his/her bag. Give them as much information as you feel appropriate about the surgery and recovery process. Take your children to choose a gift for their sibling to either take with him/her to the hospital or that they can bring with them when visiting. 

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