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How to Best Visit a Child in Hospital

It is always best to be prepared before visiting a patient in hospital, without violating privacy.Especially children, Check if the child you are going to visit knows the reason why they are in the hospital, and if they have dietary restrictions, before you turn up with food they are unable to eat for multiple reasons. Some young children are not always fully aware of the exact reason they are in the hospital or the name of the diagnosis, and we (with all good intentions) may say something that could upset the child or his care giver.

Children can be vulnerable and afraid , being out of their home environment can be a scary time. When visiting be upbeat and positive. If bringing a gift, something that can distract them is always good for example games child can play alone or for 2 people, toys, coloring sets, puzzles. A cuddly bear can be calming for a child to have as a friend to keep him/ her company.

It is important that we try and bring as much normalcy into the child's life while in the hospital and help them and their families get the love and attention that they need.

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